Riding Lessons

Lessons are available for kids age 6 - you're never too old to ride.

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Art In the Barn Summer Camp 2019

Art in the Barn Summer Camp

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leasing, showing, and training

We have a couple horses available for lease, please send and email and inquire if interested. Must be in the training program.

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The Trainer


Hello my name is Lesley Zacharias. I've been working with horses since the age of four. My education with these animals has spanned many disciplines and many instructors. What I have learned is that there is endless knowledge in this sport. Horses mirror our energy and provide a platform for understanding oneself. The connection, respect, and communication riders have with the animal is my highest priority.  There are no shortcuts to developing proper riding skills. My expertise is in helping riders obtain a solid foundation, to prepare them for college riding, and working student positions in the future. I also teach adult riders who have come back to riding or who were afraid of horses in their youth and want to understand them. Good horsemanship, excellent sportsmanship, and understanding the nuances of a correct riding position are my priorities.





Many of the pictures on this website were taken by Wendy Spencer Photograpy, if you like the images you may contact her for more details.    wendyspencerphotography.com


Lesley Zacharias

(907) 744-7664